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Whereever You see the ringing Bell, it Means there's something NEW!

My friend Lyuba & I are planning on getting some Photo's of us in our Kimono's this Next Sunday, I am so looking forward to it!  i Think i'll make a gallery for my Kimono's

Welcome to Cosplay AI !
my Personal Cosplay site
I have been cosplaying (costuming) since 2001, My Cosplay Outings so far Include: 
  • Anime Parties @ my local Comic Shop TBS
  • Halloween outings
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 8 2002
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 9 2003
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 11 2005

On my Site, you can not only see my Costumes, but use my CHOBITS Persocom ear Patterns & Tutorials Free of Charge

I hope You all enjoy My costumes
and Find some of My Tutorial's Useful.

Happy New Year NYO! 2005!!!

Play Happy Day Di Gi Charat! Nyo!!!