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Pirates of the caribbean Inspired: Pirate Claire


My friend Lyuba recently made a pirate costume for an anime party, and in seeing it,...i was like -I WANNA BE A PIRATE TOOOOO! >_<
cuz Pirates are Cool!  and the Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead mans Chest  just came out this month, and i know by halloween, pirates will be a popular thing to cosplay, so why not!
and the funny yet sad thing about this costume, is that,...i already HAD EVERYTHING to make a decent pirate costume,...on top of that i have a ton of awesome costume jewelry, i had gotten from my Grandmother and dad
all i bought was the belt (for later use in a revamped Raven costume), the fabric for the bandanna, and beads to fix and make new necklaces and dangly beads
was fun fun fun! and it'll be even more fun this halloween to cosplay pirates together with lyuba too