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Raven from Teen Titans
(ghetto cosplay! >___<;)

TBS Anime Party july 23rd 2004
I wanted a Quick & Easy costume i could make within 2 weeks for my local Comic shops Anime Party
...i hotglued/saftypinned the belt and cloat, and threw on two layers of hose to get the grey look since i couldn't find grey hose ANYWHERE
I have to say i'm almost ashamed of how crappy this costume looks after the fact,....not to mention how hot it was, i only wore it long enough for judging and pics, and quickly took it off *SIGH*...BUT i did Win  First place at the  TBS Anime Party  LOL
not many cosplayed anywayz
Status: RETIRED ( i plan on remaking my raven costume, WITH a wig this time)