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Neko Mimi: Ball Gown

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Neko Mimi : Ball Gown

I decided to design Neko Mimi in a ballgown to wear to AWA 8's ff8 ball, but we decided not to go because the line was too long, then we were glad we didn't, because we heard it wasn't all that great, so we were happy to have saved money.
My mom actually slaved over the corset, made the tail,and ears for me.
 my friend Debbie made alterations to the $100.00 prom dress marked down to $20.00, to fit me,...hey, it was $20, i was gonna MAKE it fit!
and my friend Megs cut and stlyed the wig for me,....
um, part of all this?.....i made the bracelets, and ad-libbed some stuff, and made my wings, which you can't really see there