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Sailor Mercury
Halloween 1996?

    My mom made this for me, in my freshman year of highschool,..for halloween,...i was a big sailor-freak then,...
  i bought everything, and anything i could,...and had to own a costume,...and at the time my favorite color was blue, i decided to be Sailor Mercury, i already had shorter hair(this is a recent pic tho, now that i have a wig),...You could say this was my very first anime cosplay
      My loverly momma made it for me from the pattern for kiddies that came out, (which i got a "look" from a woman as i was buying it, trying to find the largest size for Me) my mom with her talent as a seamstress, ad- libbed it for me to be large enough to fit me,...even did her best at making pleats, included: panties, half gloves, boots, and a make shift tiara i made from tinfoil , gold origami, and puff paint,..taped to my head,...looked cool tho....
        I really liked it at the time, is pretty cute,..the fact that this still fits me amazes me, yay for stretchy fabric!
I've decided to pretty much retire this costume for many factors, for one, i look silly in it, and also because it needs a lot of improvement to ever possibly be con worthy, the tiara, bow jewel,back bow, gloves, boot covers