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Halloween 2002



@ AWA 8 '02 taken by guy

Chard's debut at AWA 8 '02 taken by Prof. Tomoe of


        I decided to make this costume as a last minute idea for Anime Weekend Atlanta 8 2002, Because AWA would be my first Convention experience ever, i wanted to have my Char. Chard  make his debut at my first con. i Decided to do the Older version of him rather than Young, based on time.
     I originally wanted to make this costume with another black reptyle print fabric, that was velvety, but since it was too expensive, i opted for the cheap stuff that was about a buck a yard next to $10 a yard. (But my Boyfriend at the time, saw that same awsome fabric was put on sale, for $3 a yd? so he bought the entire bulk for me, and suprised me at work with it! I was Thrilled! how romantic! LOL)
  However, the cheap stuff was better utilizing Hot Glue!
My friend and i made this costume 50/50,...we HOT Glued the entire costume together with out a pattern, save for figuring out the mandarin collar. we each worked on my wig as well, which came out perfect, especially since i found the perfect colored extentions for the bangs. i only wish i would have sewn the extentions together , rather than hot glue them to a peice of fabric. but its still rather comfortable , minus itching after i wear it long.
    Some of my Favorite aspects of this costume were the claws, i made out of friendly plastic, my Staff which had been in the making for years now, and the single Bat wing on my back , Which unfortunatly have no photo's of.
     I Wore this again for Halloween the same Year, but unfortunatly the Trim fell off of the coat, which was starting to look shabby, and i decided to Retire it soon after. 
     I do plan on Remaking this outfit, with much improvement, using the GOOD fabric, and actually sewing it, also using a pattern, so it fits JUST Right, might also look into getting a flesh tone body suit, so i can do the Tummy shot like in my orig. design. that sheer snake print fabric made it too dark, and wasn't even a full shirt. i basically plan on redoing the entire outfit, save the wig, unless i can find more magenta extentions.
    This is gonna be one of my fav. outfits once i redo it! ^___^